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Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Photoepilation method that inhibits or weakens hair growth by attacking the follicle through soft light pulses. This light is polychromatic and broad-spectrum, made up of particles traveling in different directions and at different wavelengths. Melanin, a pigment found in hair, absorbs these flashes of light and stimulates the follicle to enter its resting phase: in this way, the hair gradually falls out and stops growing.

Small Zone : Armpits, Brazilian bikini, beard, mustache, neck, tailbone, between the eyebrows, between the chests, midline of the abdomen, half face, nose, nipple, feet, chin, cheeks, nape, navel, crotch, bikini extension, sideburns, ears.

Medium Zone: Half arm, central abdomen, full face, half leg, buttocks.

Large Zone: Full abdomen, full arm, full back, full chest, full legs.

Zone: Small

Sessions: Individual

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