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What does it consist of?

Our famous therapists will pamper your staff, the soul of the business, with 20-minute relaxation massages, in your own facilities! Your team will thank you and their performance will increase.


The masseuses you require will come to your business and give massages in shiatsu chairs, applying acupressure and digit-pressure based on oriental techniques that reduce contractures and stress.

You choose

  • From Sunday to Wednesday.
  • One therapist for 2 or more hours, or two or more therapists for a minimum of one hour*.

*10 minute breaks are taken every hour.


  • 1st hour: $1,550
  • 2nd hour: $1,450
  • 3rd hour: $1,350

Tell us the plan of your preference: gerencia@ospasalon.com.mx

T. 818303 2700